Parts Unknown

by Baltimore Cults

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we recorded this over two separate three day sessions in June of 2013 and had a great time. big momma's house is a wonderful place. billy at too far gone records put it out sometime in the fall of 2013 even though we had (have?) a very little following. he's the man.


released September 8, 2013

sean - Guitar, Vocals
bert - Keys, Accordion, Toy Piano, Vocals
john - Bass, Vocals
yeager - Guitar
huppman - Drums

Mike Mcgrath contributes vocals on track 5

recorded and mixed by Joe Reinhart at Headroom Philadelphia, June 2013.
mastered by Ryan Schwabe at Maniac Mansion.
artwork by Paul Moston

special thanks to everyone who has helped us out in anyway, especially mike, joe, ryan, paul, billy and all of our family and friends.



all rights reserved


Baltimore Cults Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

we lived fast and died young (actually we had been a band in some form for like six fucking years. that's a long time with not much to show for it, eh?) some of us play in robins now/always did. now you're probably like "oh jesus, they did a split with themselves, how pointless" but shut yer mouth, alright? go listen to them since they actually play shows and stuff. stay kvlt, everybody & die slow ... more

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Track Name: Some Shit Like McNulty
hey, mcnulty I'll take your word. is it okay to call you tonight? hey, mcnulty it's backing up, I mean it's fucking ugly, honestly there's nothing left. something belongs here.
Track Name: You Can Get an Eighth Pound Gram for Eighth Pound
I've really got it this time, I memorized everything you wrote. this isn't the first time, it could be the last time. fuck you, I'm sick and tired. I've had enough.
Track Name: I Want You to Hold Marvin the Cat
open the window, let it go. (to think we were fucked from the start.) and i've forgotten where we lived. (just a couple more blocks down the street.) sitting in the backseat quoting all our favorite movies. and smoking cigs to the end til we feel the warmth on our faces. listening to hold steady, getting high, smoking heavy. and I think to myself we'll never be home again. open the window, keep it all close, we'll never be home again.
Track Name: To Make a Long Story Short (Too Late)
if we give it all a rest we forgive and we forget the things we said out in the car. I felt it in my heart. you never know the things you reap when you're blacked out are what you sow. so to parts unknown I go, away from here. we spend our time trying to rewind all of these years away from here.

sometimes I feel like I'm falling asleep at the wheel if the metaphor for the car was our life apart. fucking pointlessness. drones just lost in it. this century can't see past it's own lens. connected far too much to stop and hear the violins. just violence. just fucking spit. endless, pointless shit.
Track Name: He's Not a Real Cat
I know I should be happy. and most of the time I think I found it. a couple of friends in broken houses. and we all can't sleep. I know the flood is coming. and most of the time I think I'm drowning. a couple of friends in burning houses, and we all can't breathe.