Best Friends (Split w/ Robins)

by Baltimore Cults

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recorded in July/August 2013 in Huppman's garage (drums) and the Grundle Bungalow (everything else). released by sorry girls records on cassette/CD sometime in the fall of 2013, I don't remember. The Shining rules forever, ya'll.


released August 27, 2013

sean: guitar, vocals
albert: keys
john: bass
yeager: guitar
huppman: drums

thanks to Mike and Tom for helping out and being dudes. thanks to anyone who has ever listened to us and liked it. thanks to anyone who has listened to us and thought it was bullshit. thanks forever.



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Baltimore Cults Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

we lived fast and died young (actually we had been a band in some form for like six fucking years. that's a long time with not much to show for it, eh?) some of us play in robins now/always did. now you're probably like "oh jesus, they did a split with themselves, how pointless" but shut yer mouth, alright? go listen to them since they actually play shows and stuff. stay kvlt, everybody & die slow ... more

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Track Name: Arnold & Gerald Go To Juliard
it's 2am and I'm still up watching The Shining and it got me thinking of spacial anomalies. I don't know where this window goes and I don't know where this story goes. hallways that go nowhere just like a maze: well, it's not there. how 'bout a drink in the gold room? it's feeling like 1921 and we're caught in photographs with our hands up. say hi to Lloyd for me tonight. I hope it's Jack Daniels freezing outside in the snow because we forgot about it.

and we forgot it's freezing outside. and I guess I'm okay with it freezing outside.
Track Name: Harvey Adams Ruined My Life
another april day: probably wake up, probably fall from past mistakes. another thawing day with the season change and the scars they gave. another year in may. years just pass by but this pace sustained has got me locked in place. but there's baseball on, I can watch this pace.

it's never what you say. glaciers once frozen are melting. forget all we say. they're all just nothing but memories.

if you forget this, we'll forget this ever happened. until that happens it's etched in my brain like a memory from my childhood. we could forget everything we saw. I won't forget this. but you'll forget this like a memory. I won't forget this. and I could say to you that, "everything will be alright." but I'd be lying. and I could say that, "It'll be okay." but I'd be lying.

because there's no hope. there's nothing to live for. there's nothing to hope for. no hope. nothing to live for. nothing to hope for. fuck it, there's nothing to hope for.